Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection $ 115

A wind mitigation inspection checks a home's impact and wind rated features to estimate how well it would hold up in strong or hurricane-force winds. It helps insurance companies verify construction features that have been shown to reduce losses in high wind settings. This inspection is essential for Florida-based insurance companies looking to price premiums for the homes they insure accurately. More importantly, a wind mitigation inspection report can help identify areas of a home that can be improved to withstand a weather event in the hurricane-prone state of Florida.

The Wind Mitigation Inspection service includes:

Age of the home

Construction type

Age of the roof

Roofing material

Shape of the roof

How the roof deck is attached to the trusses and then trusses to the exterior walls

Secondary water resistance

Any opening protection features

A wind-mitigation inspection may result in decreased premiums for homeowners, provided the home has features that would help protect it from damage in a high wind event. Typically, a safer, stronger house means lower premiums for homeowners insurance.

Many insurance companies provide discounts or credits for construction features that have proven to reduce damage from hurricanes, such as:

Hurricane protection on all windows and exterior doors, such as rated shutters or impact-resistant windows and garage doors
A hip roof (sloped on all sides like a pyramid)
Roof to wall connections that are reinforced; discounts will vary depending on the type of connection such as toenail, clips, or single wrap straps wall
Florida Building Code-approved roof coverings; discounts will vary depending on the covering, such as asphalt shingle, concrete tile, or metal
The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation OIR-1802 Windstorm Inspection Form is valid for up to five years, provided no material changes have been made to the structure or is superseded by a revised windstorm inspection form.

Once your inspection is completed and submitted to your homeowner's insurance company, they can advise you on potential credits. Talk to your trusted Insurance Agent about what discounts may apply!

Save when you combine inspections:

4-Point & Wind Mitigation Combo


4-Point & Opening Protection Combo


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