Opening Protection Inspection

Opening Protection Inspection $ 85

An opening protection inspection verifies that your home's openings (doors, garage doors, windows, and skylights) are properly guarded with impact and wind rated features and meet Florida Building Code requirements. These features may have been built-in when the house was constructed or added later as protection upgrades. An opening protection inspection may help qualify a property for homeowners insurance policy discounts. While it is completed as part of the wind mitigation inspection form, an Opening Protection Inspection can also be conducted separately. If, for example, you already receive roof credits but had new shutters installed, you don't need a full wind mitigation inspection to receive new credits and discounts. A separate opening protection inspection will do. However, some carriers only accept the full wind mitigation report and not the opening protection only. To qualify for an opening protection discount, all exterior openings must be completely covered with impact-resistant protective materials such as hurricane shutters or impact resistant glass.

The Opening Protection Inspection service includes:

Save when you combine inspections:

4-Point & Wind Mitigation Combo


4 Point & Opening Protection Combo


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