4-Point Inspection

4-Point Inspection $ 115

A 4-point inspection is often required to obtain or maintain insurance coverage on your home. Most Florida homeowner's insurance companies will require a 4-point inspection on older homes. The purpose of the inspection is to provide a snapshot of a home for insurers. This type of inspection provides the condition and age of the following home systems:

The 4-Point Inspection service includes:

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning)

Examines the type and presence of heating and air conditioning systems within the home, the age, and condition of these systems, and if there are any signs of leaking/damage


Includes the type and condition of the wiring/electrical components in your home


Reviews the material and type of plumbing systems within your home, the age of your water heater, and if there are any signs of leaks


Examines the type of roof covering, the age and condition of your roof (when it was last replaced), and if there are any missing shingles, or leaks detected.

When purchasing a new home, a 4-point inspection is sometimes necessary to get a new homeowners insurance policy or renew an existing policy. Insurance companies often require the addition of a 4-point report for homes that were built before 1989 or exceed 30 years of age since construction.

Save when you combine inspections:

4-Point & Wind Mitigation Combo


4-Point & Opening Protection Combo


With Calidad Inspections, you get:

Licensed home inspectors that are bonded and insured.
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Reports ready within a 24hour timeframe.
Friendly and professional field inspectors.
With over 10 years of experience and more than 5,000 inspections completed, you can count on Calidad Inspections to be your trusted partner.

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