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Save when you get both 4-Point & Wind Mitigation Inspections Only $175

4 Point


$ 115

A 4-point inspection is the standard way to get any home properly inspected. Your inspector will review the four major systems of your home:

- HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
- Electrical wiring and panels
- Plumbing system, connections and fixtures
- Roof

Wind Mitigation


$ 115

A wind mitigation inspection determines how a home will hold up in high winds. It can significantly lower homeowners insurance premiums. Your inspector will review:

- The age of the home
- The construction type
- The roof (age, material, shape, and attachment)
- And more

Opening Protection


$ 85

An opening protection inspection checks for impact and wind rated features that may have been added when your home was constructed or later, to qualify you for further discounts. Your inspector will review:

- Entry doors
- Garage doors
- Windows
- Skylights

Roof certification


$ 85

Let us help you verify your roof has at least five or more years of life expectancy left so you can qualify for a homeowners insurance policy under new Florida legislation.

Post Claim Review


$ 150

Homeowners insurance companies will request proof of repair for claims that have been paid out. Contact us to schedule your Post Claim Review inspection. With over 10 years of experience doing insurance home inspections, you can rely on us to provide a quality inspection.

Pre purchase inspections


$ 350

Purchasing a home/condo? Contact us to schedule your pre purchase inspection with our certified professional home inspectors. We are certified by INTERNACHI and follow their standardize guidelines which are a national guideline for home inspectors throughout the country. Let us help you get a full understanding of the home you are purchasing.

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Calidad Inspections is one the most dedicated providers of residential home insurance inspections throughout South Florida. With over 10 years of experience and more than 5,000 inspections completed, you can count on Calidad Inspections to be your trusted choice for your home inspection needs.
It's common for most home insurance companies in Florida to conduct and require inspections for the homes they insure. However, both the insurance companies and homeowners benefit from a home inspection.
Home inspections can help you identify weaknesses in your home and give you the information you need to make your home safer and potentially lower your insurance premiums.
Let us evaluate your home to see what features can save you money !

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